Virtual Professional Development

Grey Matta redefines delivery with leading edge technology integrations and decades of wisdom to provide the best online and e-learning solutions.
Optimised for the user and their learning style, we help people to self-realise their capability with both self-paced learning and virtual programs. We have curated the best programs from a client-centric and outcome focused collective founded by Grey Matta Solutions, in partnership with Integrity Solutions, Leadership Management Australia and Steuart Snooks: Revolutionise Your Inbox.

We are proud to offer this selection, underpinned by meaningful, contemporary and transferable strategies and experiences for both the individual and the forward-thinking organisation.

2022 Offerings

Putting The Human In Leadership
Because awareness of self, others and environment is the backbone of effective leadership, we deliver learning experiences for the real world, beyond a focus on theory.
Putting The Human In Sales
We understand that not only do people approach sales differently, but all client facing staff are best placed to understand client needs. Because of this we consider a holistic approach to sales and its barriers, to accommodate all sales profiles. In doing so we look to provide pathways for sales people to become true sales professionals.
Putting The Human In Professional Sustainability
We know that the relationship between an individual and their organisation is an invaluable one. Our programs unlock human productivity by increasing knowledge, skills, and the confidence to drive better results for individuals and the organisations they work for.
The thing that I appreciate most about the Integrity Selling program is that it is relevant and easily applied across all our business units. Having a common language and a common understanding has increased collaboration and teamwork.
Program: Integrity Selling
(The Program) enabled me to be a better, (more) organised person. It also improved how can I manage my time and energy as I scale up and delegate more of my work that is of interest to others. I witnessed how my deep focus on my activities with a regular break can help my body and emotional feelings. Now I realise how much it adds value when more of our people undergo such training to get the most to start thinking and doing activities differently.
Program: Advancing Leadership
So far the program has been very beneficial in helping me to understand myself as a leader and areas I can work on to improve myself and others in my team. The program and material offers new insights into how I think about my workday today and in the long term for my growth and development.
Program: Synchronised Leadership