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Putting the human into recruitment.
As the next generation of Executive and Leadership Search, GMS takes a human approach to recruitment; using cutting-edge neuroscience technologies to understand candidates and clients better, resulting in more success for clients and candidates alike.

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Our Sourcing Services

At Grey Matta Solutions, we’ll help you zero in on the perfect person for your role. From sourcing to screening, we’ll provide you with the best employees that are both eligible and suitable for your organisation. Utilising our alternative approach, we guarantee to find you the most eligible and suitable candidate for your role, and partner with you in the truest sense to ensure their successful on-boarding and integration into your organisation.

Your Story

We all have a story. When it comes time to hire, we cast the recruitment net wide, excited to eventually find the most suitable employee on paper! After a few weeks, troubling patterns in behaviour emerge, behaviour we often try to excuse by ‘suitability on paper’. We even exceed probation periods to ‘give them time’, only to have more difficult conversations and expense later.

Our Story

We get it and see this way too often. By simply adding another step, based in science, you can avoid difficult conversations and unnecessary expense. Using Neuroscience and brain mapping, Grey Matta Solutions builds better businesses. Imagine your business having staff working with each other’s behavioural strengths and weaknesses, rather than you struggling with the exhausting cycle of recruitment and release?

Our Alternative Approach

Using Neuroscience and behavioural mapping we analyse your role, as well as the applicant, to get the best alignment from the available people. This is to find key success factors for the person as it applies to your role, your team and your organisation. Once we understand your precise requirements for a position and the cultural environment of your business, coupled to a candidate’s eligibility for the role, we will show you the best possible candidate in all respects. Business cannot function without effective people, who add value at the intersection of skill and behaviour.

Our Unique Process

As conventionally practiced, recruitment is a half formed art, making it difficult to know the ‘behavioural fit’ of a person in that all-important but not immediately apparent quality.

By building an accurate profile of a candidate’s character, we are able to provide you with a more accurate assessment for your business, achieving the ultimate win-win outcome. Recruitment must be about the right people having the right relationships, which is why we use science to connect people, not convention to tick boxes.
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Utilising our human-focused approach, we have the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with all our clients and candidates alike.

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