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This division is the cornerstone of our business - success is human. Every business, and every business success, is driven by people. We develop customised solutions using a neuroscience and human approach to drive sustainable outcomes at the individual, team and organisational levels.

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High level business strategy is as much about accountability to action as it is a plan for it. GMS takes the threads of an organisation's strategy, and weaves together a plan on a page that delivers direction, action and accountability in equal measures. We also work with founders of high growth organisations on how to facilitate that growth and how to plan for their future in the business.

Organisational Effectiveness Planning

As humans we need to feel that we are contributing to something. To ensure traction and momentum within an organisation, we need to know where we are going. Our team have a wealth of experience in both strategic and operational planning, and will work alongside key decision makers to construct a plan on a page that everyone understands, feels a part of, and can relate to. We believe this makes for a powerful organisation in this world of uncertainty.

Whether your organisation requires Strategic, Operational or 90-day planning, get in touch with one of our team members today to discuss how we can work together.

Executive Support


Executives are the nexus and living pressure point between board and owner expectations, and strategy delivery plus real-world matters of implementation through people. This delicate balance is full of science, history (knowledge and experience) and attitudes and behaviours that can either serve or hinder progress. As inhumanly skilful as it may be to juggle the previous, executives are humans that still need meaningful support, programs and initiatives that cater to both big picture and individual needs. GMS is uniquely skilled at providing these means of support.

Board Effectiveness Programs

Boards are made up of talented, passionate individuals that wish to make a difference. A Board is looked upon by the organisation as a strategic partner that guides the business in the long term. This is often challenging for individual members as their passion can get in the way of good governance.

Our team will guide your board in understanding and implementing best governance practice, and ensure that optimal leadership principles are learnt and applied, to make certain the continuation of momentum that all organisations seek.

People & Leadership

Nested Programs

Our 'nested' programs meet the needs of businesses across all levels, and are sequenced for the ability to grow leaders from the ground up. These programs take documented, fundamental frameworks that underpin success, that are tailored completely to your business and culture to achieve your specific version of success through your greatest asset - your people!

Signature Series

Our 'Signature Series' of programs address specific development opportunities for leaders in organisations, building effectiveness at all levels. While specialist topics distinct to GMS, they are customised specifically to your unique business and business challenges. Have frontline team members challenged by changing environments, or need to build strategic thinking capabilities for future leaders? These programs deliver supremely targeted solutions built for your organisation.
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