We are a human development and business success consultancy.

Ultimately in every business, success is driven by people. Success, in fact, is human.
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Who We Are
Founder and CEO Chris Phillips is recognised globally with qualifications in Neuro-leadership, PROSCI Change Management and PRISM Behavioural Brain Mapping. In conjunction with this, he has a hand picked team that offer considerably more, as he believes in surrounding himself with people doing the things he cannot. That team, or collective brain, is why we are able to help.

Our values:

Respect; Belief; Agility; Accountability; Care.
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Our History
Grey Matta Solutions was established in 2015 to help people utilise the biology of the brain to perform more effectively. It is the brain-child of Chris Phillips who has coached and developed leaders and organisations for over twenty years using cutting edge research and proven experience.

Today we offer decades of combined experience in public and private sector across a broad range of organisations, industries, and countries. We have worked with individuals, SME's and large multinational companies to produce exceptional results.
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