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Nicholas Phillips

Director/Chief Operations Officer

Nick Phillips is a Director and the Chief Operations Officer of Grey Matta Solutions. As a 25-year-old he believes he is fortunate enough to be learning from so many driven, creative and talented individuals, professionals and leaders through his work. He is currently committed to building Grey Matta Solutions into a world-class resource for businesses.

Nick is qualified in PRISM Behavioural Brain Mapping and is intimately familiar with the cutting edge tools of modern brain biology and its use in commercial contexts. Grey Matta's point of distinction is "Putting the human back in", and Nick wholly embraces this with a passion for engaging the right people for the right roles in his work. Evidence of this is enjoyed first hand by audiences of the Grey Matta Podcast, of which Nick is a talented host and valuable contributor.

Nick has a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing & Sports Administration, as well as a qualification in Behavioural Brain Mapping Neuroscience.

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