Introducing Grey Matta Solutions

Success is Human.

Grey Matta Solutions is a business that understands we live in a world that requires instant decisions yet our ability to do this is often clouded by emotions and not logic. If you can learn to lead with your brain you can and will make better decisions, have better conversations and build a more productive environment.

​We believe that behavioural fit in an organisation is as important as having the skills to perform the job. We work with individuals, teams, Boards, Senior Executives and entire businesses to maximise the potential they already show and to build productive relationships. 

Grey Matta Solutions offers quality services in the areas of Recruitment, Resilience and Business Consulting.

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Our Team of Experts

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Chris Phillips

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a human capital expert who works with individuals and organisations for exceptional results in his current role as CEO of "Grey Matta Solutions".

Chris' pathway to business and recruitment success is paved by both an acute understanding of the brain science behind why people behave as they do and an ability to apply that in a human and harmonious manner. He believes helping people achieve that, to their success, is not only exceptional for the client but a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Chris has 25+ years experience in both the Government and Private sectors having worked with cattle to caravan parks, nurseries to hairdressing, manufacturing to recruiting and forestry to fitness, at all levels and stages of organisations.

About Us

Grey Matta Solutions

Who We Are

The collective brain.

Founder and CEO Chris Phillips is recognised globally with qualifications in Neuro-leadership, PROSCI Change Management and PRISM Behavioural Brain Mapping. In conjunction with this, he has a hand picked team that offer considerably more, as he believes in surrounding himself with people doing the things he cannot. That team, or collective brain, is why we are able to help.

Our values:

  • Respectwe respect people and process.

  • Beliefwe believe in people, the science of human behaviour, and potential.

  • Agilitywe understand the world of modern change and provide tools to prosper in it.

  • Accountability - we do what we say we will do.

  • Care we care about you, your people, and your business.

Our History

Success is Human.

Grey Matta Solutions was established in 2015 to help people utilise the biology of the brain to perform more effectively. It is the brain-child of Chris Phillips who has coached and developed leaders and organisations for over twenty years using cutting edge research and proven experience.

Today we offer 70 years of combined experience in public and private sector across a broad range of organisations, industries, and countries. We have worked with individuals, small to medium businesses and companies to produce exceptional results.
Our clients include elite sports coaches, health & well-being businesses, Government, Airport Corporations, Charitable Trusts, Recruitment companies & Not for Profits; as well as Boards, CEO's and C Suite Executives.