Resume & Cover Letter Crafting Service

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Resumes mapped by a recruiter, written by a copywriter.


Your suitability as a candidate depends on much. How well do you leverage language and the use of keywords to market yourself? How do you exhibit the key behavioral and skill sets that earmark you for a position? In this industry, for this role, do you know what they are? Does your target role’s company have a specific language or cultural type? Really, can you be bothered writing a good resume?


Conventional recruiter-written resumes are troublingly absent of the word craft necessary to make critical distinction between satisfactory and excellent. Conversely, Charles Dickens would miss out on an interview if the image he presented was fundamentally disconnected from what an organisation was seeking.


In this disconnect, opportunity beckoned. Nick Phillips (Director of Grey Matta Solutions), and Ash Dighton (Director of Babel Creative), combined forces to provide better resumes to Australia. Nick uses brain biology and the nous of Grey Matta’s recruitment background to map positions and keywords, outlining language and cultural structures for a role. Ash then uses the simple joy of language to breathe life into a resume built for you, for your role. 


The needs of people applying for positions are diverse, which is why our offering comes in three separate tiers. 


Sometimes the only thing employers will look at when canvassing applications. If you’re happy with your resume, but need a tailored cover letter for your coveted position, this option is for you.


Your existing resume not up to scratch? We proof and edit the copy before repackaging it in a design structure to make it look devastatingly sharp.


We’ll do it all. Give us your target role, and we’ll research both you and the company, use Prism Brain mapping to assemble a profile of attractive candidates in that role, write a resume that is language specific and keyword sensitive for that role and then put it in a design structure for a superb finished product.