Resilience Webinar Series.

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Series Overview


Rod Warner


Sh*t happens, right?

Now more so than ever.

First drought, then fires, followed by floods, then COVID-19... and ahead is the debt and financial recovery! It’s one sh*t storm after another. 


We want to help you to navigate this sh*t storm and the others that are coming. Not with simplistic, feel-good, cliched advice that lasts as long as a lightning strike in the outback. Instead, we will cover real-world, practical tools and techniques, based on the latest research in brain biology and other disciplines, to cope and immediately improve your life experience. 


Listen to our short podcast below to learn more.

Webinar 1:

How to Navigate Through a Sh*tstorm

In this webinar, you will explore the story of your life that you are living now, through your choice of a metaphor. Then you will find an alternative metaphor and story for the life you desire. The process will enable you to describe your life experience right now, and then find a succinct encapsulation of your best life you would like to live. Then we pivot to how to keep perspective in dark storms when trying to live your best life story. We will explore a really practical way of quickly calming yourself; several ways of stopping rumination and overthinking, and three powerful steps to keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs. These are practical, no-nonsense techniques and steps which you will be able to apply immediately.

Webinar 2:

How to Optimise Your Strengths and Energy During a Sh*tstorm

In this webinar, we will start by understanding and exploring your personal strengths and how if used
deliberately, can work together to become what our kids call your superpowers.

When the going gets tough, even the tough get exhausted! We would all like to have more energy, and so we will also look at where your energy for life comes from, and how you can increase your energy levels in the four most important areas of your life.
Importantly, we also look at how to avoid your personal kryptonite and energy drains, that both lead to crashing and burnout.

Webinar 3:

How to Recognise and Reduce Your Stress Triggers and Stress Experience 

In this webinar, you will find answers for exactly how
to cope when feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overstressed. We will discuss what stress is and how it impacts people differently. We will also cover stress triggers and gender differences in stress which help explain why stress is experienced and expressed differently. With these insights, we will then look at practical, workable, personal stress management strategies that will help you manage and reduce the particular stress that you experience. These tools and techniques are easy to implement, practical strategies you can start using at the end of the webinar to immediately improve your stress coping.

Webinar 4:

How to Survive and Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Partner During a Sh*tstorm 

In this webinar, we will give you the tools and techniques to deepen the quality and intimacy of your most important relationship, no matter what storms rage around you. We will start by examining some common myths about loving relationships. Thereafter we explore three hidden, faulty personal beliefs which fester into relationship conflicts. We then discuss four common behaviours that are guaranteed to destroy good relationships. Given that even good relationships have conflict, we will cover a four-step process to avoid common pitfalls, and get what you need in difficult-to talk-about situations. Also, we will cover how you can help your partner use a similar process to get what they need. This culminates in discussing how to take your relationships from adequate to excellent. You will learn the power of leaning in – how to engage and be accommodating for your relationships’ greater good. 

We are also offering a discounted package rate for all four webinars in the 'How to Keep Your Sh*t Together in Difficult Times!' Resilience webinar series.

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