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Resilience & Change

Resilience is a key competency for individuals, leaders and teams to succeed in our present day work environment.

Resilience is often described as the ability to "bounce back" after adversity. It helps keep the pressure from work and life challenges positive and enables us to cope with change. Resilience also helps us avoid stress and burn out, but more than that, it enables us to learn from tough experiences and build our internal coping resources to deal with future challenges.

Watch below as the head of Grey Matta Resilience, Rod Warner, provides an overview on resilience in the Australian workplace today.

Embedding Accountability

How do we enable organisations and leaders to fulfil responsibilities to support their staff, while enabling staff to step-up and deliver on their KPIs accountabilities?

The solution to embedding accountability lies in boosting the factors that enhance personal resilience to enable taking accountability.
Grey Matta Solutions offers a three-pronged approach.

Navigating Interdependencies Workshop

At the business level

The workshop is designed for heads of functions/business units and their immediate managers to help them to identify misunderstandings and breakdowns arising from tight interdependencies between them.

The workshop process helps delegates move away from finger-pointing and blame to problem-solving. They come to understand what each function needs from the others in order to meet and deliver on their departmental accountabilities.

Coaching Resilience for Accountability Workshop

At the leadership level

The workshop teaches leaders how to coach their team members’ uncertainty, disengagement and resistance, to take accountability for meeting their KPI’s, despite complex, fast-moving and pressurised business environments. 


Leaders assess their own team members against our Strategy-fitness Assessment, and then use the outcomes to practice the coaching conversations they need to have, using three resilience coaching templates and a process-breakdown coaching template.

Resilience for Accountability Workshop

At the team member level

The workshop teaches team members and professionals practical tools and techniques to boost personal resilience in order to deliver on their key performance accountabilities.


The workshop covers research-based building blocks of resilience, and helps delegates deal with sustained pressure and unwelcome change – both at work and at home.

For more information, download our Embedding Accountability overview document below.

Our Public Programs


We all desire joy and fulfilment in our lives, but often life’s circumstances do not allow this to come naturally. In place of being something we enjoy, work is too often dominated by pressure and stress. Rather than alleviate that, our home lives can compound work stress with relationship, health and money difficulties. Social media gives us an unreal idea of the glamor of other people’s lives, diminishing the reality of our own. Joy in our life isn’t avoiding hardship, it’s excelling despite it. To do this, we have to Bounce!.

Learning to Bounce! means learning to equip yourself with practical tools to deal with both day-to-day hardship and life’s big adversities. You learn to not just bounce back from adversity, but how to bounce forward, using a mixture of learned skill and courage to thrive despite adversity.

Coaching Resilience

To be effective in fast-changing and demanding work environments, leaders need to quickly identify when their team member’s resilience lags and coach them back to full performance. Coaching Resilience training equips an organisation’s leaders to coach team members to manage and overcome uncertainty and disengagement. The result is team members are better equipped to deliver on key performance indicators, even if in the midst of organisational turmoil or personal hardship.

Implementing strategy involves change. Leaders are required to roll out new strategy and while maintaining “business as usual”, sometimes even with change that may actually be unwelcome or seems to be unwise. Organisations have both a self-interest and an ethical responsibility to support their staff’s ability to cope with a demanding, complex and fast moving work-place. Leaders have this responsibility for their team members. This workshop equips organisations and leaders to fulfil this responsibility.

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