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Why Science Says You Should Trust Your Gut

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered about trusting your gut? Have you heard someone say their heart feels full, or broken? Why are organs responsible for manipulating blood flow and breaking down food weighing in on our decision-making processes? Is this a gross dereliction of duty on our brain’s behalf, or is there a slow revolt going on in our bodies for control over thought processes?

The answer is less dramatic but equally as interesting.

Our brain sends messages utilising a combination of electricity and chemical transfers known as neurons that are, remarkably, present in other parts of our body. Those are, as the erudite and discerning may have guessed, in the gut and in the heart.

How fascinating!

The vehicles by which we direct our intelligence are not just limited to operating in our brain. ‘Gut feel’ and ‘heartfelt’ are actually real and not imagined. Those neurons fire in their role as an early warning system designed to protect us from harm, faster than we can logically process any stimuli.

There is value in our gut and heart’s estimations, but they are potentially flawed and should not be wholly believed without further intrusions from a more logical mind.

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