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The Unexpected Virtues of Emotional Honesty

Positive emotions are the key to coping during adversity. Adverse circumstances are, by the very nature, not positive, and therein lies the quite obvious disconnect.

While nothing contained in this so far would be shockingly new, it may be revelatory for some that a leader’s emotions will directly affect the emotions of a team working with them. Optimism or pessimism on their behalf is contagious and spreads like an emotional flu. There is nothing worse than that co-worker who insists on coming to work despite unnatural fluids leaking from their flu-riddled bodies, but we are strangely tolerant of the emotional or cultural equivalent.

Positive emotions, and this is backed by meaningful data and research, increase creativity, decision making and general awareness. These are all critical to successfully managing adversity. Appreciating a need for exhibiting emotional positivity is all well and good, but in practical terms how do you appear sincere, realistic and positive when the proverbial is hitting the fan? In change weary organisations, or with people beset by genuine difficulty, insincerity in positivity is, if anything, more damaging than a lack of positive emotion.

Not to keep you on tenterhooks, but in a following short series we will work through practical processes around effectively achieving the above.

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