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Recruitment Doesn't Stop At The Hire

A critical part of our recruitment process is integrating the new employee through a 90-day onboarding process in their new environment.

This may seem odd – surely the role of the recruiter ceases once a candidate is secured? For us, an analogous situation is finding someone you think could be a good swimmer and dropping them in the middle of the ocean with the advice ‘to start drowning less’ and sailing gracefully off into the horizon.

Securing a candidate is about finding someone who is the right cultural fit for an organisation, not a box that needs to be ticked in a selection process. Once you have the ideal candidate, the investment of time making sure they are comfortable, familiar and established in their new organisation over the first few months pays huge dividends to long term productivity.

Remember; the function of effective recruitment is good cultural fit between organisation and candidate to maximise productivity, not just getting an employee through the door.

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