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Position Descriptions

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Universally required, spectacularly mis-executed.

How regularly do you update your position descriptions? Particularly for roles that have been recently vacated? The typical answer, understandably, is not very often.

It can be a pain to do. When it comes to the mis-execution, organisations use position descriptions as a mechanism for enforcing employee accountability and not as a platform for letting them achieve.

This is particularly notable when a position becomes vacant and expectations for the successful performance of the role are added, typically without any proportional increase in pay.

This creates a problem where an employee inherits a role with elements either excessive or irrelevant in expectation. These expectations are then either unable to be met or are senselessly met, to the detriment of the employee and the organisation.

The other issue at stake is that retroactive position descriptions don’t serve the vision of the organisation. Smart organisations employ people today to succeed tomorrow.

So update your position descriptions. Without doing so, you’re at best under-utilising employee potential. At worst, you’re actively harming an employee’s ability to serve the organisation.

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