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On the front foot – your opportunity for 2021

As humans we naturally want better and desire more. The quest to look and step forward is both useful and counter-productive. It drives us to not be satisfied with the status quo and to look ahead providing longer-term thinking, but it also misses the importance of learning from the past (failing to fully appreciate the cause and effect of our own actions) and to potentially not celebrate or recognise our own achievements. So what!? In essence, it means we are providing ourselves with flawed or simply less information to make informed decisions about our success and future efforts and actions. To be clear, we may actually be setting ourselves up to fail and ultimately be less happy with ourselves and our situation.

Looking and stepping back is important, to enable us to not only look forward, but to be in a better position to achieve what we believe is important. Have you actually reflected on 2020 or just moved on to 2021, possibly ‘looking forward to a better year than last year’?

As most have already started to look ahead and define what 2021 might look like, I’ll suggest you lock in some time to yourself, set yourself up to be uninterrupted and think through the following:

About 2020

There are many worthwhile learnings from a year that many want to forget that should not be lost in our quest to look forward.

  • What was a win for me in 2020 and what did I do to make this possible?

  • What did I do well that I should repeat?

  • What did I do less of that I want to do more of this year?

  • What did I stop doing that I should start doing again?

  • Where did I surprise myself and what does this tell me about my future focus or actions?

About 2021

  • What would define success for me if it was December 30th 2021 and I was sitting down to review the year? Think outside of work too!

  • What do I take from 2020 learnings (above) and do more of, less of, change or start?

  • What is actually in my control and influence that I know I can impact on?

  • How can I set these key things up to succeed as true goals, not just a dream/wish?

  • What action am I committing to in the next 7 days to get started?

Of course look ahead with a positive view, but keep it real with regular stops to review and recognise progress and learnings, celebrate our small wins, clarity and a clear plan. The opportunity ahead for us all is to be clearer about what we really want, how take our learnings and apply ourselves to make these things happen.

What kind of year do you intend to set yourself up for in 2021? How can you be truly

on the front foot, by taking a short backward step?


Tim Marsh

Head of Business

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