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Covering Cover Letters

Some people read them and only them; some people disregard them entirely. Our advice on writing cover letters can be distilled into three words.

Articulate, not regurgitate.

Do not replicate that which has been said in your resumé. This is an opportunity for human connection with a person who will ultimately decide if you get this role or not. It should never involve a list of qualifications, but crystallise why who you are will get the company to a certain point. Specificity is critical; this is your chance to really tailor it to an organisation and a person.

It should be short. Concision is powerful.

Think about how you use your language. Those reading a cover letter will form an instant intuitive impression of you, and that could be the deciding factor for whether they peruse your resumé further or move your application to a discard pile. Concision, human narrative and specificity are the winning features of your cover letter.

For those that read them, anyway.

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