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Context is Everything.

Different experiences and biases mean people take varying times and paths to reach the same conclusion, if at all.

Our brains are very efficient. They use stored information from a past experience to process a similar new one. It saves a lot of energy and time. A sabretooth tiger attack will likely vary little from experience to experience, and seconds saved in processing can be the difference between life and death.

This system of efficiency is problematic with more complex and advanced experiences. It precludes nuance, a critical part of understanding the value of context.

Is "two" very many? Dollars – not really. Financial crises – very much so. Context vastly changes perspective.

The brain is based on emotions. Therein lies the value of emotional intelligence. We all have it, it’s just troublingly absent from a lot of interactions. Emotional intelligence isn’t a new idea (Plato said that all learning had an emotional base), although the last two decades have seen it popularised.

Those who are emotionally intelligent are sensitive to their own thinking. They can understand the nuance of complex situations, and subvert inbuilt biases in the brain to be aware of context as it is.

People who really understand context build better solutions.

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